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Berry Good News Vol. 106



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Berry Good News Vol. 106

January 14th, 2013

Recipe of the Month


January's Recipe of the Month is a Blueberry Smoothie designed to keep you fueled up an healthy.  This recipe incorporates Frozen Blueberries and is taken from HealthySmoothieHQ.com.  Don't forget you can add protein powder or other healthy ingredients as you see fit!


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Recipe of the Month here


Blueberry Concentrate Deal Extended



The free shipping on Blueberry Concentrate was such a great success we are offering it one more week!  If you order our antioxidant rich Concentrate between now and January 18th your entire order will ship free!  Since you get free shipping on your entire order, stock up on your other favorite items while you are at it!


Unprofessional Opinion


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My two cents on healthy living resolutions, which are seemingly obvious, is they often get pushed aside and replaced with "easier" plans.  Let me get to the point here; one must, as much as possible, eat quality foods and exercise.

I stress exercise because it is the part that gets left behind most.  Not only in the "long run" does exercising make your body look better, it will make your body feel better.  By saying exercising, the reference is not just to the sometimes monotonous cardio vascular training (tread mills, stair machines, walking, jogging etc..) but also to weight and strength training.  Weight and strength training has the added benefit of burning calories long after you have ceased exercising and will make you look healthier and feel younger.   Don't envision "muscle guy" here, that only happens to those who take weights (and dietary supplimentation) to the extreme. 


We all can do ourselves a great benefit finding activities to do for 20 minutes a day, 4-6 days a week.  Mixing your activities up and keeping it fun can be crucial. If you don't have a gym to go to or equipment at home don't worry, there are exercise routines out there for just about any situation (google search it).  So if you are not as active or in shape as you would like, I say leave the trend diets alone, explore new activities, and feel good doing it. 



Have a great day!

Charlie Lannin

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