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Fresh, Dried, and Frozen Berries

We ship Fresh blueberries in season (July - August) and Frozen Blueberries in the fall and winter months. Please see below for our current selection of Michigan Blueberries!

  • Frozen Blueberries. Fresh Frozen Blueberries
    $44.95 10lbs. Frozen Blueberries - Will be available again for ordering September or October 2015
     - Will be available again for ordering September or October 2015   During each harvest, we take some of our sweetest and largest berries and lock in their freshness for you to enjoy any time of the year. Whether...

  • Dried Blueberries 2 lb.
    $28.95 Dried Blueberries 2lb.
    What's the best way to eat Dried Blueberries? By the handful! Or in your salads, breads, muffins, trail mixes, pancakes, as a midnight snack, or a daytime treat. We just can't get enough, and know you'll feel the same way...

  • NO LONGER AVAILABLE-Fresh Blueberries - 4 pints (Approx. 2.75 lbs.)
    $29.99 Fresh Blueberries - 4 Pint Containers. FREE SHIPPING.
      The world's "Miracle Berry"delivered right to you! Plump, juicy, and freshly picked at the peak of perfection. Please call toll free: 877-654-2400 for product availability information. At harvest time, they'll be...

  • Unsweetened Dried Blueberries 1lb
    $29.95 Unsweetened Dried Blueberries 1lb
    Nothing added!  100% Dried Blueberries. *Please note the unsweetened variety has no added sugar or sunflower oil and as a result the texture and flavor is different than regular Dried Blueberries. Ingredients:...