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Dessert Toppings & Fillings

Our selection of Blueberry dessert toppings and fillings are the perfect thing to make the end to your next meal a huge success!

  • Blueberries Foster
    $6.99 Blueberries Foster 11oz.
    Blueberries Foster is a brandied blueberry dessert topping with a terrific accent of Dark Jamaican Rum. Pourable and simply incredible! Blueberries Foster is a great addition to ice cream, cheesecake, angel food cake,...

  • Blueberry Pie Filling 35oz.
    $9.99 Blueberry Pie Filling 35oz.
    Our Blueberry Pie Filling is just the thing to make your home made pie the talk of the town.  Ingredients: Blueberries, Sugar, Water, Instant Clear Jel, Citric Acid, Salt, Cinnamon

  • Blueberry Syrup 14oz.
    $6.25 Blueberry Syrup 14oz.
    This distinctive gourmet syrup captures the true essence of blueberries. Serve on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, ice cream, cheesecake, and more...

  • Blueberry Syrup 20oz.
    $7.50 Blueberry Syrup 20oz.
    All natural Blueberry Syrup from True Blue Farms with blueberries as the first ingredient. It's a syrup that is in a class by itself. You won't find a better tasting blueberry syrup at the supermarket, that's for sure. Try...

  • Blueberries Foster 2-Pack
    $12.98 Fosters Two Pack
    Get twice the enjoyment with our Blueberries Foster Two Pack! Blueberries Foster is a Brandied Blueberry topping with a terrific accent of Dark Jamaican Rum. Blueberries Foster is a great addition to ice cream, cheesecake,...

  • Blueberry Amaretto Syrup 20oz.
    $7.50 Gourmet Blueberry Amaretto Syrup 20oz.
    Enjoy the sweet, nutty flavor of our Blueberry Amaretto Syrup. The Blueberry Store's Blueberry Amaretto Syrup is made with all natural ingredients and premium Michigan Blueberries from True Blue Farms. This syrup is great on...

  • Maple Flavored Blueberry Syrup 20oz.
    $7.50 $6.50 Maple Flavored Blueberry Syrup 20oz.
    The Blueberry Store has combined the two best syrup flavors (blueberry and maple) into one amazingly delicious blend! This Syrup is all-natural and boasts a wonderfully unique taste. Top your favorite pancakes, waffles, or...