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Jam, Jelly, & Butter

The Blueberry Store products showcase True Blue Farm's Blueberries at their finest.  You won't find anything better to compliment your morning toast or bagel!

  • Blueberry Jam 10oz.
    $5.49 Blueberry Jam 10oz.
    "Jam" packed with blueberries, The Blueberry Store's all natural Blueberry Jam is bursting with flavor. We use only premium Michigan Blueberries from True Blue Farms to bring you Blueberry Jam at its...

  • Blueberry Jelly 10oz.
    $5.49 Blueberry Jelly 10oz.
    A family favorite, The Blueberry Store's Blueberry Jelly is all natural and made with premium ingredients and tastes amazing!  Use this Jelly in place of the "main stream brands" and discover how great jelly can taste...

  • Blueberry Pepper Jelly 10oz.
    $5.99 Blueberry Pepper Jelly 10oz.
    Our Blueberry Pepper Jelly brings you the sweet flavor of blueberries and the heat of habanero peppers. Tastes great as a glaze on chicken or as an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers...

  • Make it a Basket
    $5.95 Make It A Basket
    Put all the items you choose into a basket for only $5.95! Your order will be packaged in a suitable sized basket, and topped off with a beautiful blue bow. Simply choose your items and select "Make It A Basket." (Limit of...