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The Blueberry Store's preserves are all natural, bursting with berries, and taste simply amazing. 

  • Blueberry Raspberry Preserves 18oz.
    $7.25 Blueberry Raspberry Preserves 18oz.
    Our 18oz. Blueberry Raspberry Preserves are all-natural, loaded with our berry favorites... sun-ripened blueberries and red raspberries. We take our time, and use only the highest quality fruits to bring you an exceptional...

  • Old Fashioned Blueberry Preserves 18oz.
    $7.25 Old Fashioned Blueberry Preserves 18oz.
    Our very own Blueberry Preserves are all-natural, bursting with whole blueberries, and taste simply amazing. Our Old Fashioned Blueberry Preserves has been one of our best selling and most beloved products since it all began...