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  • Frozen Blueberries. Fresh Frozen Blueberries
    $44.95 10lbs. Frozen Blueberries
    *Pre sale only until fall of 2014.  Please call 877-654-2400 with questions or if you would like to waive guaranteed shipping and ship sooner.*  During each harvest, we take some of our sweetest and largest berries...

  • Be Well Gift Box
    $38.95 Be Well Gift Box
    Be Well Gift Box contains: Contains:2.5oz. Blueberry Granola Bars, 12fl oz. Blueberry Concentrate, 3oz.Dried Blueberries, 10oz. BlueberryJam, 6.5oz. Blueberry Honey.

  • Best of Blue Basket
    $39.95 Best of Blue Basket
    Best of Blueberries Basket Contains: 10.5oz. Blueberry Preserves, 8oz. Ground Blueberry Coffee, 12 fl. oz. Blueberry Apple Juice, 12oz. Blueberry Honey, 17.5oz. Blueberry Pancake...

  • Blueberry Cobbler Pie
    $41.94 Blueberry Cobbler Pie 9" (Shipping included in cost!)
    We have teamed up with the Grand Traverse Pie Company to offer you one of the best Blueberry Cobbler Pies ever made! Our Blueberry Cobbler pies are made from scratch using only the best ingredients available. Your pie will...

  • Naughty By Nature Basket
    $39.49 Naughty By Nature Basket
    This basket will satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths. Contains 11oz. Blueberries Foster, 12oz. Milk Chocolate Covered Blueberries, 14oz. Blueberry Syrup, 10.5oz Old Fashioned Blueberry Preserves, and 6.5oz. Blueberry...

  • No Sugar Added Basket
    $39.95 No Sugar Added Basket
    Sugar free but still sweet and delicious. This gift is perfect for low carb dieters and diabetics. Contains one each of 11.5oz. No Sugar Added Blueberry, Cherry, and Red Raspberry Preserves, 12oz. No Sugar Added Blueberry...

  • The Company Keeper
    $41.95 The Company Keeper
    The Company Keeper Contains: Contains: 18oz. BlueberryMustard, 16.5oz. Blueberry Salsa,14oz. Blueberry Cornbread Mix,35oz. Blueberry Pie Filling, 12oz.Blueberry Vinaigrette,2oz. Blueberry Coffee...

  • Unsweetened Dried Blueberries 1.5lb
    $41.95 Unsweetened Dried Blueberries 1.5lb
    Nothing added!  100% Dried Blueberries. *Please note the unsweetened variety has no added sugar or sunflower oil and as a result the texture and flavor is different than regular Dried Blueberries. Ingredients:...