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  • Florida Blueberry Barbeque Sauce 15.5oz.
    $5.95 Florida Blueberry Barbeque Sauce 15.5oz.
    Made with fresh blueberries and a special blend of herbs and spices; our Gourmet Blueberry BBQ Sauce is sweet yet nicely spiced. Baste your favorite grilling fare and treat your friends and family to a real feast.

  • Florida Blueberry Butter 9.5oz.
    $6.49 Florida Blueberry Butter 9.5oz.
    Back by popular demand! Made with Michigans finest blueberries, this blueberry butter is all natural and scrumptiously spread-able. Our Blueberry Butter spreads easily on your favorite toast, bagel, or english muffin. For a...

  • Florida Blueberry Concentrate 12fl.oz.
    $19.95 Florida Blueberry Concentrate 12fl.oz.
    Pure Great Lakes Michigan Blueberries. It's that simple. This is your one stop bottle for all the benefits of blueberries. We recommend the Blueberry Concentrate in smoothies, mixed with your favorite beverage, or daily by...

  • Florida Blueberry Muffin Mix
    $8.49 Florida Blueberry Muffin Mix
    We stress quality at The Blueberry Store, and these mixes will testify to that. They have all natural ingredients, contain no additives or preservatives, and taste amazing! You can have your (pan)cake and eat it too.

  • Florida Blueberry Mustard 18oz.
    $6.49 Florida Blueberry Mustard 18oz.
    Luscious is the only way to properly describe this amazing creation. Great on salmon, chicken, or a sandwich. Visit our Recipe Page for great cooking and baking ideas!

  • Florida Blueberry Preserves 18oz.
    $6.99 Florida Blueberry Preserves 18oz.
    Our very own Blueberry Preserves are all-natural, bursting with whole blueberries, and taste simply amazing. Our Old Fashioned Blueberry Preserves has been one of our best selling and most beloved products since it all began...

  • Florida Blueberry Salsa 16oz.
    $6.95 Florida Blueberry Salsa 16oz.
    Our premium blend Blueberry Salsa, a step above mild, has lots of blueberries and just enought tomatoes to make this one "perfect". Visit our Recipe Page for great cooking and baking ideas!

  • Florida Blueberry Syrup 20oz.
    $6.99 Florida Blueberry Syrup 20oz.
    All natural Blueberry Syrup from True Blue Farms with blueberries as the first ingredient. It's a syrup that is in a class by itself. You won't find a better tasting blueberry syrup at the supermarket, that's for sure. Visit...

  • Florida Blueberry Vinaigrette 12fl.oz.
    $5.49 Florida Blueberry Vinaigrette 12fl.oz.
    Blueberry Blossom Vinaigrette, a unique and tasty way to get your fill of the Blues! Drizzle it over salads of fresh garden greens, or add to pasta for added distinction. Try making a spinach salad, toss in some dried...